James Marshall

A Pomona College senior learning about minds and machines.

I grow iteratively

Nothing is permanent. Everything is subject to change. Being is always becoming. - Buddha

I wholeheartedly embrace failure as a necessity for improvement, and I am perpetually in search of new opportunities that will both challenge and stimulate me. I think that the surest means to improvement, whether for an individual or collective, is to test the waters with an idea and then look to the ripples. So far I have found the pursuit of common understanding between myself and those with whom I interact to be a good metric, and applying this philosophy to my roles as a student, educator, and innovator gives me great fulfillment.

For me, teaching and learning are symbiotic

Current Coursework

Algorithms, Artificial Intelligence, Ancient Philosophy, a Kant seminar, and whatever invitations to increase my understanding I find along the way.


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