James Marshall

A Pomona College graduate forever enraptured by the interplay between minds and machines.

I grow iteratively

Nothing is permanent. Everything is subject to change. Being is always becoming.
- Buddha

I wholeheartedly embrace struggle as a necessity for improvement, and I am perpetually in search of new opportunities that will stimulate growth. I think that the surest means to improvement, whether for an individual or collective, is to test the waters with an idea and then look to the ripples. So far I have found a good metric in the degree to which I can communicate with my team mates and stakeholders. Applying this philosophy to my roles as a leader, thinker, communicator, student, educator, and innovator gives me the greatest fulfillment. The story of one's self is the story of ourselves.

For me, teaching and learning are symbiotic

Favorite Coursework

Algorithms, Artificial Intelligence, Ancient Philosophy, a Kant seminar, and Sound, Cognition, and History.


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